It’s time to put your best foot forward and help us stamp out UK hunger one step at a time

Step Up September is a virtual challenge that allows you to get together with friends and family for a challenge whilst raising vital funds for the Trussell Trust. Step Up September can be completed in your own time at your own pace, perfect for fitting in with your busy life! So whether you're a solo stepper taking the challenge alone or spreading the miles across you and your mates, take on the Step Up September challenge today!

This is a great walking challenge for everyone, whatever your fitness level!

Linking your Strava or manually entering your miles, it’s completely up to you how you clock up your miles so it’s perfect for families, friends, workmates, your social group or for those of you who simply love getting out and exploring the great outdoors!

Step Up September is also the perfect way to kick start a healthier routine. Getting out and about is a great way to get fit, connect with nature and de-stress.

If you're able to cover your miles outside, we ask you to do so safely, following Government Guidelines.

Why are your steps so important?

During April 2020, food banks in our network saw a 89% increase in need compared to the same period last year, with a staggering 107% increase in emergency food parcels for children. We’re proud to have you standing in solidarity with us, food banks, and people in crisis.

Together, we can make a difference. Hunger in the UK isn’t about food. It’s about not having enough money for the essentials. No one should be forced to use a food bank to get by. Ultimately, we want to see a UK without the need for food banks, where everyone has enough money to afford the basics.

How do I log my miles?

There are lots of popular fitness apps and services you can use to connect with your fitness devices for this event, here are a couple of examples you could use:

  • FitBit
  • Strava
  • MapMyFitness

Or if you don't use fitness devices and apps, don't worry, you can log your miles manually on your Step Up September fundraising page!

I need some inspiration!

You can take a stroll, walk the dogs, walk in your lunch break or step out in your favourite beauty spot – you’ll be raising money to help end hunger in the UK.

Go green

Choosing to walk short journeys instead of driving will increase your steps. It’s also the most environmentally friendly way to get from A to B. If your journey is less than a mile, then why not get out of your car and walk.

Get fit physically

Walking is simple, free and one of the easiest ways to get more active, helping to keep our bodies and minds healthy.

Get sociable

Why not get a group of friends or colleagues together and start stepping. Walk to the shops, get out and about on your lunch break or catch up with friends over an evening walk. If you're able to cover your miles outside, we ask you to do so safely, following Government Guidelines.

How your support helps

Your support helps people like Ruth*. In ‘normal’ times, Ruth works every hour under the sun in catering for an events company to provide for her family. But in mid-March, before the coronavirus pandemic had reached its peak in the UK, she found herself at a food bank collecting an emergency food parcel. She was already just getting by from one payslip to the next – but when all the events company’s bookings were cancelled and she lost her shifts, it was impossible to make ends meet.

It isn’t right that Ruth was forced to use a food bank to get by. It isn’t right that anyone in our country is forced to use a food bank to get by. Each one of us deserves the dignity of having enough money to buy the essentials we need for ourselves and our families.

If we want to protect more people like Ruth from needing a food bank as the economic impacts of coronavirus unfold, we must act with urgency. Each and every one of us must be treated with dignity and compassion. And none of us should left behind.